Advertise with Us

Our Media Kit is available online by clicking on the icon to the left. For advertising rates please contact or your area sales representative, which can be found on the last page of the Media Kit.

General Advertising Conditions: Premium paid ad positions are guaranteed. All other positions will not be guaranteed placement. Failure to meet reasonable request for placement will not constitute cause for adjustment, refund, or rerun. In the case of an error or omission in advertisements, publisher shall not be liable for damage further than the amount received for such advertisement. Publisher assumes no liability for any difference in the sales of goods at an incorrectly advertised price. Advertisers, agents, or representative’s approval of proof or submission of camera ready artwork removes the responsibility for errors in price and copy.

The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising copy submitted. Publisher disclaims responsibility and shall not be liable for omission for any cause (including acts of nature, fires, etc) or for advertiser’s material printing distinctly in the publication. Advertising set to resemble news matter must carry the word “advertisement” at the top of the ad. Standard publisher’s typefaces shall not be used in advertisements. Any advertisement of a political nature or of a controversial issue must carry the name of the person paying for said ad or of the committee paying for the ad with the chairperson or committee treasurer’s name.

Advertising production includes one layout and up to two proof revisions as a service to the advertiser. Revisions or additional layouts may incur an additional services cost at $90 per hour with a $25 minimum.