East Access Route

East Access Route Map

Connects: Great Falls, MT, to Dawson Creek, BC
Routes#: I-15, Alberta Highways 2, 3, 4, 43, BC Highway 2
Length: 872 miles/1,403 km
Road Surface: Paved
Season: Open all year
Maps (2 detailed pdf files available):
Great Falls, MT to Edmonton, AB

Edmonton, AB to Dawson Creek, BC

The East Access Route in Alberta is one of 3 access routes to the Alaska Highway logged in The MILEPOST® (the others are the West and Central Access Routes in British Columbia). This was the first and only access route to Dawson Creek, BC—and the start of the Alaska Highway—when the Alaska Highway opened to civilian traffic in 1948. The original route differed somewhat from today’s because Highway 43 was not completed until 1955. Instead, motorists had to drive north from Edmonton via Highway 2 to Athabasca, then west to High Prairie, then south to Grande Prairie, AB. Today’s route goes directly from Edmonton to Grande Prairie and Dawson Creek via Highway 43 through Whitecourt and Valleyview.

The MILEPOST® Quick Reference Log
Miles from Great Falls (GF) shown.

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