Rainforest Islands Ferry

The Rainforest Islands Ferry is an independent ferry service that began service in August 2015. Created to provide a ferry connection between northern Prince of Wales Island, Wrangell and Petersburg, the MV Rainforest Islander, a converted landing craft, can handle up to 28 passengers and 6 vehicles.

The ferry sails from the ferry dock at Coffman Cove on Prince of Wales Island to Wrangell’s Heritage Harbor and Banana Point on South Mitkof Island, about 25 miles south of Petersburg on the Mitkof Highway. The company offers van shuttle service beteen Hollis, Klawock/Craig and Coffman Cove on Prince of Wales Island, and between Petersburg and Banana Point on Mitkof Island.

Sailing time from Coffman Cove to Wrangell is approximately 3 hours. Sailing time between Wrangell and Banana Point (Petersburg) is about 1 hour.

The ferry accepts bicycles (no charge) and kayaks and canoes (free when accompanied by 2 adult fares). Passenger fares are charged for all adults (18 years and over), with discounted rates for seniors (60 and over), juniors (12 to 17 years) and children (6 to 11). Children under 6 ride free.

Rainforest Islands Ferry: Go online for more information, current schedules and fares or phone at 907-329-2031 or  1-844-329-2031.


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