Cache Creek

Population: 1,050

Cache Creek is located at the junction of Trans-Canada Highway 1 and Highway 97.

Visitor Information: 
Cache Creek Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 460, Cache Creek, BC V0K 1H0.

An oasis of traveler services in the middle of desert-like country, Cache Creek grew up around the confluence of the creek and the Bonaparte River, becoming a major supply point on the Cariboo Waggon Road. Today, agriculture, mining, logging and tourism support the community.

Cache Creek offers food, lodging and camping at the Brookside Campsite. There are gas stations (with diesel), a grocery store and fast-food outlets. Souvenir shopping at the Cariboo Jade Shoppephone: (250) 457-9566.


  • Cariboo Jade Shoppe has a 2,850 lb jade boulder on display. 
  • Vintage vehicles are on display during the annual Graffiti Days and Old–Time Drag Race, held the second weekend in June.
  • Hat Creek Ranch, 7 miles north and about a half-mile west of Cache Creek, re-creates the 1860s gold rush at this historic roadhouse on the Cariboo Waggon Road; stagecoach rides, gol dpanning, Shusway Native village.


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