Population: 2,419

Beaverlodge is located on Alberta Highway 43, 306 miles northwest of Edmonton and 58 miles southeast of Dawson Creek, BC, and the start of the Alaska Highway.

Beaverlodge serves as regional centre for grain transportation, seed cleaning and seed production. Cereal grains, such as wheat, barley and oats, are the main crops in the area. Beaverlodge is also known as the gateway to Monkman Pass and Kinuseo Falls. Its Visitor Centre is within the Beaverlodge and Area Cultural Centre at the east end of town.

Visitor services include 3 motels, 6 restaurants and gas stations. There are supermarkets, banks, a drugstore, post office, veterinary clinic, pharmacy, car wash and sporting goods store. Camping is available at Pioneer Campground at the west end of town.


  • The Beaverlodge Beaver is a 15-foot-high beaver sculpture, created by covering an internal metal frame with foam and urethane. It vies with a fibreglass beaver sculpture in Dauphin, Manitoba, for the Canada’s biggest beaver monument title.
  • South Peace Centennial Museum just beyond the west edge of town attracts several thousand visitors for its 3rd Sunday of July celebrations.


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