Moose Pass

Population: 189
Moose Pass is located on the Kenai Peninsula, 98 miles south of Anchorage and 29 miles north of Seward. 
Visitor Information
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This is a charming mountain village located on the shores of scenic Upper Trail Lake. Moose Pass began as a construction camp on the Alaska Railroad in 1912. Local resident Ed Estes attributed the name Moose Pass to a 1904 observation by Nate White of the first moose recorded in this area. Another version holds that “in 1903, a mail carrier driving a team of dogs had considerable trouble gaining the right-of-way from a giant moose.” A post office was established in 1928 and first postmistress Leora (Estes) Roycroft officially named the town Moose Pass.

Moose Pass offers camping, a general store, dining, shopping and lodging but no gas station. Crazy Moose Studios at Milepost 35 (heirlooms exclusively carried here by the owners/artists). A post office and highway maintenance station are located in Moose Pass.


  • Annual Moose Pass Summer Festival takes place the weekend nearest summer solstice (June 21): triathlon, arts and crafts booths, a barbecue, auction and other events.
  • Pedal the 1.3-mile-long paved bike trail along scenic Trail Lake.
  • Photograph the historic waterwheel, a duplicate of the one Ed Estes’ stepfather, Frank Roycroft, built in 1928. The original waterwheel used to cut lumber for the family’s homestead.


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