Hydaburg, Prince of Wales Island

Hydaburg Locator Map
Pr. of Wales Island

Population: 367

Hydaburg is located on Prince of Wales Island, 36 miles from Hollis, 45 miles from Craig.

Visitor Information:
Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 490, Klawock, AK 99925; phone (907) 755-2626.

Hydaburg was founded in 1911, combining the populations of 3 Haida villages. Today, most of the residents are commercial fishermen, and subsistence remains a traditional and necessary part of life here. Two boardinghouses provide rooms and meals for visitors. There is a cafe and groceries and sundry items are available locally.

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  • Hydaburg has an excellent collection of restored and replicated totems brought in from the traditional Haida villages on southern Prince of Wales Island.
  • There is good salmon fishing here in the fall.

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